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عاهر, فاسق, فاجر, محروم من, منفصل, زناوي, عديم الاخلاق, غش, كافر
مهجور, فاسق, سوء السلوك

Lecherous    :فاسق


Lecherous - فاسق

Lecherously :: lecherously

Lecherousness :: الفسوق


Related Words


1. lustful :: شهواني

2. licentious :: فاجر

3. lascivious :: فاسق

4. libidinous :: شبق

5. prurient :: شهواني

6. lewd :: خليع

7. salacious :: عاهر

8. lubricious :: فاسق

9. debauched ::

10. dissolute :: فاسق

11. wanton :: وحشي

12. dissipated :: تتبدد

13. degenerate :: منحط

14. depraved :: لئيم

15. dirty :: قذر

16. filthy :: قذر

17. concupiscent ::


1. frigid :: تفه

Different forms

lecherous, lecherously, lecherousness

English to Arabic Dictionary: lecherous
Meaning and definitions of lecherous, translation in Arabic language for lecherous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of lecherous in Arabic and in English language.

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What lecherous means in Arabic, lecherous meaning in Arabic, lecherous definition, examples and pronunciation of lecherous in Arabic language.

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