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Souvlaki - (سوفلاكي) :: It was a great party the champagne flowed the souvlakis sizzled and the fireworks display was well spectacular to say the least

Tureen - (سلطانية) :: Spoon some shellfish meat and vegetables into six small soup tureens and cover with some of the bisque

Haggis - (هاجيس) :: an enormous haggis was paraded through the hall

Meatball - (اللحم المفروم) :: Christina followed her to a room with a table piled high with cold cuts meatballs and cheese


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Disagreement - (خلاف) :: In any democracy as in any blog its helpful and fun to have disagreements

Disappear - (اختفى) :: There is growing evidence that what central control of them existed has now disappeared and we are back to local fiefdoms doing their own sectarian things

Disappoint - (يخيب) :: It is no concern of the author that their readers might attempt to replicate a way of life that does not exist or be disappointed when they fail to do so

Disappointed - (خائب الامل) :: After searching the length and breadth of the place I was disappointedly unable to find what I wanted due to having very little to choose from

Disappointing - (مخيب للامال) :: Not many moments of real dramatic gravity disappointingly


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Skiff - (قارب) :: They are also used as primary power for canoes jon boats and small skiffs

Skirmish - (مناوشة) :: For three years it has been negotiating peace with Manila all the while keeping up skirmishes against the national army

Slake - (أخمد) :: I will not waste those twelve years trying to slake your fathers thirst for glory

Slew - (مستنقع) :: One object of the invention is to dynamically reduce resistance in order to decrease the time constant during the signal transition for allowing a more rapid slew of the signal from one logic state to another

Slight - (طفيف) :: Taylor understands the idiom quite perfectly and he manages to bring a grandeur and nobility to the admittedly slight work


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Medial (وسطي) :: On physical examination a prominence may be appreciated medially and laterally to the Achilles tendon insertion

Smith (حداد) :: The first smiths could change rocks into metal purify as well as shape gold and copper and iron most potent magic

Skedaddle (skedaddle) :: A carpenter out fishing with his family caught sight of the thousands of armed and uniformed soldiers marching towards the town and immediately dropped his loaded line and skedaddled in the direction of the town radio tower

Ancestor (سلف) :: Fossil records show that millions of years ago cows and pigs shared a common ancestor an animal that looked more pig than cow

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Adjective :: الجدل, عنيد, مشاكس, غاضب, مولع بالجدال, عابس, , سريع الغضب, نكد, لاذع, عبوس, ردئ الطبع, شرير
Meaning :: متمرد, حرون, شقي, , عنيد, سريع الغضب, سيئ الطبع, قشري, دنيء, مثير للنزاع, معاتب
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