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دقيق, مضبوط, صحيح, متقن, مدقق, صارمتطلب, انتزع, اغتصب, ابتز
Exact :
- دقيقتفرضالفارضexactestمرهق

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Verb(1) claim as due or just(2) take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs
Adjective(1) marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact(2) (of ideas, images, representations, expressions

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(1) Astrophysicists can search for shadows by applying Newton's method, a mathematical way to refine approximate solutions into exact ones.(2) But, after getting treatment, he was unable to exact a more lasting revenge as he slammed his spot kick to the World Cup winner's right, allowing him to make an easy save.(3) The apartment was extremely close to being an exact replica of the Scott's.(4) Both exact and approximate solutions to the problem have been developed.(5) I am saying that I am not a member of your French culture, but I will not be a member of American culture, here; I am an exact entity, exact person.(6) Carefully mocked up on City of York Council headed notepaper, the letter that landed on our desk is an exact replica of those sent out to local residents asking for comments on a new planning application.(7) Recent advances in our understanding of Palaeozoic tectonics, and in the precise dating of tectonic events require exact definitions of terminology.(8) The old stone quarry is becoming a scientific center; philosophy, theology, exact sciences and biomedical sciences will be studied here.(9) Now something I have only dreamed of happens - the son of that killer falls into my lap, and I can exact an even more acute form of revenge than I first expected.(10) Although, there are no mixing flaws, one could always criticize it for track selection and the fact that you know this CD is an exact replica of the set he is repeating city after city.(11) And the oval office in this library is the exact replica.(12) He escapes, reinvents himself as a count and starts to exact cold, calculated revenge.(13) Arguably, to exact revenge or punishment by means of agricultural devastation was the essence of Greek warfare.(14) Dr Freeman found that the main facade was relatively intact, although a flank wall needed to be rebuilt, some surviving bricks being chemically analysed to enable exact replicas to be made.(15) But Mr Considine argued that tax forecasting was not an exact science and was subject to shifts in economic growth, which were difficult to predict.(16) The word ÔÇÿcopyÔÇÖ implies an exact replica in size and detail.
Related Words
(1) to be exact ::
لأكون أكثر دقة
1. precise ::
2. careful ::
3. accurate ::
4. demand ::
5. inflict ::
6. take ::
1. remit ::
Different Forms
exact, exacted, exacter, exactest, exacting, exactly, exactness, exacts
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