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1. abandon (تخلى) :: They played and swam with the reckless abandon and joyfulness of three year olds
2. abandoned (مهجور) :: This boa constrictor was found on a local bus one of a growing number of abandoned exotic pets the RSPCA has to deal with
3. ability (القدرة) :: a person of great ability
4. able (قادر) :: to be able to pay for sth
5. about (حول) :: she walked about the room
6. above (في الاعلى) :: When he tried to thank everyone for coming he could barely talk above a whisper
7. abroad (خارج البلاد) :: At the beginning of last year the Government announced that it expected direct investment from abroad to reach two billion euro
8. absence (غياب) :: the absence of humour doesnt help
9. absent (غائب) :: Jasmine jolted to a halt and stared aghast into the unholy creatures absent eyes
10. absolute (مطلق) :: The idea of an absolute monarch imbued with the idea of his royal superiority being disobeyed by his daughters and cast out into the cold who comes to question the justice of his rule was heady stuff
11. absolutely (إطلاقا) :: The Trust is being absolutely open to all those involved he said
12. absorb (تمتص) :: Cigarette filters which can last up to 100 years are designed to absorb tar and other chemicals from the cigarette
13. abuse (إساءة) :: The list itself was prefaced with the following insight Leaders with absolute power too often abuse it
14. academic (أكاديمي) :: This is something that is of more academic than practical interest
15. accent (لهجة) :: Certainly you can move away from a religious culture in which you were brought up in much the same way that one can change ones accent or mode of dress
16. accept (قبول) :: he would accept their offer and see what happened
17. acceptable (مقبول) :: It can look a little gauche to blog about some seemingly random scrap of nostalgia but if I link those memories to an anniversary then suddenly my blogpost has an acceptable reason to exist
18. access (التمكن من) :: These sections entitle everyone to have access to health care services provided by the state within its available resources
19. accident (حادث) :: Through the fortunate accident of having a tedious instructor I had gained a year
20. accidental (عرضي) :: Bacon believed that after accidental correlations had been excluded in this way only essential correlations would remain

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