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Lazy - (كسول) :: When the two of them had left her to be in the room on her own she stretched out on her bed like a lazy cat then curled over onto her side

Buttock - (ردف) :: Miss Morris said Thompson left the room again came back with a large spade and went for Mr Smith who tried to deflect the blow and suffered a three inch wound to his left buttock

Quiff - (خصلة) :: It was about welding existing styles retro costumes quiffs and old rock n roll riffs onto a recently developed technological chassis supplied by the synthesiser


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Short - (قصيرة) :: shes still fifteen euro short

Shortly - (قريبا) :: Do you like cricket I do not she said shortly

Shot - (اطلاق النار) :: a moon shot

Should - (ينبغي) :: People with urgent conditions should not be left on trolleys in accident and emergency

Shoulder - (كتف) :: Her dad pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway and stopped the car


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Analgesic - (مسكن) :: You can take analgesics such as paracetamol or antiinflammatories to reduce any swelling

Analogous - (مماثل) :: This is analogous to the law relating to the fire services and quite close factually to Alexandrou v Oxford

Analogue - (النظير) :: These analogues have similar properties to pyrophosphate but unlike pyrophosphate they are resistant to enzymatic degradation

Anarchy - (فوضى سياسية) :: Opposed is the apparent liberalism individualism and anarchy on offer in a postmodern world


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Quandary (مأزق) :: I find myself in a quandary of sorts and wonder if you have any advice or insights you may be able to offer a youngish aspiring writer of fiction for the screen

Centurion (قائد المئة) :: It indicates that there were two centurions that Caesar described with the names of T Pulfio and L Varenus and that the shows creators must have borrowed those names to depict the characters on the show

Petrifaction (تحجر) ::

Negative (نفي) :: I would therefore answer the first question posed in the negative

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Meaning :: قطن
Adjective :: قطن
Noun :: قطن, القطن
Verb :: قطن, اذهب, يصبح, لاءم, تناسب, مباراة, , حب, يرفق, كن حريصا على, مدمن
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