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صبر, قدرة التحمل, هدوء, تساهل, تسامح, التناسق, اتزان, لا مبالاة, تداول, رباطة جأش, طلعة
هدوء, unhurriedness, كبح الشهوة

Composure    :هدوء


Composure - هدوء

Discomposure :: discomposure



1. self-control :: التحكم الذاتي

2. self-possession :: رباطة جأش

3. self-command :: القيادة الذاتية

4. calm :: هدوء

5. equanimity :: رباطة جأش

6. equilibrium :: حالة توازن

7. serenity :: راحة نفسية

8. tranquility :: الطمأنينة

9. aplomb :: ثقة بالنفس

10. poise :: اتزان

11. presence of mind :: حضور الذهن

12. sangfroid :: الدم البارد

13. imperturbability ::

14. placidness ::

15. impassivity ::

16. cool ::


Different forms

composure, discomposure

English to Arabic Dictionary: composure
Meaning and definitions of composure, translation in Arabic language for composure with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of composure in Arabic and in English language.

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What composure means in Arabic, composure meaning in Arabic, composure definition, examples and pronunciation of composure in Arabic language.

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