English to Arabic Meaning :: imperceptible

دقيق إلى حد بعيد, غير مدرك بالحس, ضئيل, تدريجي
Imperceptible :
دقيق إلى حد بعيد
- دقيق إلى حد بعيد

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Adjective(1) impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses

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(1) I could hear the call going along the line, but then at the final moment, instead of ringing, there was a strange, almost imperceptible hiccup.(2) Almost imperceptible on screen, it is actually made up of tiny chickens' feet and is repeated on the buttons of her dress.(3) It was subtle, almost imperceptible from where we were sitting, but I noticed it and so did Lori.(4) By appearance it's an almost imperceptible , narrow slot in the pavement that runs alongside a sidewalk from the bottom to the top of a hill.(5) I think there's an imperceptible incline, which makes sense as I was following the river upstream, so no cruising.(6) There was an almost imperceptible shuffle on the stairs.(7) A slight almost imperceptible vibration of the vessel was felt.(8) As for the winters, though, I find I relish them, and can't imagine living anywhere in which the seasons are so slight as to be imperceptible .(9) The law now seems clear, however, that so long as the change is gradual and imperceptible the doctrine applies.(10) She stole a glance at him and he gave her an almost imperceptible nod.(11) Yet the incursions on free speech can be insidious and imperceptible .(12) On these repeat visits, subtle qualities gradually reveal themselves which were initially almost imperceptible .(13) He lived in a world of fine gradations and imperceptible shades.(14) The impact would be nearly imperceptible at first, but it'd be there, and significant enough to gum things up.(15) My shadow, briefly cutting sunlight, changes the land's chemistry in imperceptible ways that make us one.(16) The gradient is, to a walker, an imperceptible one in 50.
Related Words
(1) imperceptible ::
دقيق إلى حد بعيد
1. unnoticeable ::
غير ملحوظ
2. undetectable ::
غير قابلة للكشف
3. indistinguishable ::
لا يمكن تميزه
4. indiscernible ::
غير مدرك
5. invisible ::
غير مرئى
6. inaudible ::
غير مسموع
7. inappreciable ::
غير بارز
8. impalpable ::
غير محسوس
9. unobtrusive ::
غير بارز
10. inconspicuous ::
غير واضح
11. unseen ::
غير مرئي
12. slight ::
13. small ::
14. tiny ::
صغير جدا
15. minute ::
16. microscopic ::
17. infinitesimal ::
متناهى الصغر
18. subtle ::
19. faint ::
اغمى عليه
20. fine ::
21. negligible ::
22. inconsequential ::
غير منطقي
23. indistinct ::
غير واضح
24. unclear ::
غير واضح
25. obscure ::
26. vague ::
27. indefinite ::
غير محدد
28. hard to make out ::
بجد لجعل خروج
1. appreciable ::
ممكن إدراكه
2. palpable ::
3. perceptible ::
4. ponderable ::
قابل للوزن أو القياس
5. sensible ::
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