English to Arabic Meaning of gross - إجمالي

Gross :

الأساسية, مستوى, إجمالي, الجسم, قلب, عمومية, غير محتشم, مشاكس, فاسق, غير مصقول

إجمالي, صارخ, نفط خام, بالخط العريض, بلا هدف, سمين, كريه, بغيض, طارد, موسيقى الجاز, فاحش, غير لائق, مقرف, خطأ, واضح, صريح, قائمة, مخز, مخجل, مغمور, قذر, البشعة, غير ملائم, فظيع, كامل, اكتمال, كبير, سقط بقوة, الخام, كث, مبتذل, في ذوق سيء, شهواني, سميك, خشن, ربض, أحمق, غبي, الطائش, أبله, بسيط, مضيء, عادي, متماسك, مجموع, ممتلئ, مستدير - كروي, نفث, ملخص

إجماليحققاجمالييربحأفدحعلى الاطلاقعلى نحو فادحخشونة
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Definitions of gross in English
Noun(1) twelve dozen(2) the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
Verb(1) earn before taxes, expenses, etc.
Adjective(1) before any deductions(2) lacking fine distinctions or detail(3) repellently fat(4) visible to the naked eye (especially of rocks and anatomical features(5) without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative(6) conspicuously and tastelessly indecent(7) conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
Examples of gross in English
(1) I found your gross tongues disgusting in their barbarism, but still I learned them.(2) As a result of these contributions, their 2002 adjusted gross income is $30,000.(3) Off a combined handicap of 5 they returned a gross score of 68 to produce net a 63.(4) She then maneuvered the jet away from populated areas and gained altitude while simultaneously dumping fuel to reduce gross weight for landing.(5) That's like giving a kid a gross of bottle rockets and a new Bic lighter, then leaving the boy unsupervised - and being shocked, shocked to hear small explosions in the distance.(6) Was I good enough to take off at a high gross weight, lose an engine, avoid the unseen mountains within a mile and a half of the field while on instruments?(7) There is widespread consensus that an organism's lifestyle is often reflected in the skeleton at various levels ranging from gross morphology to histological structure.(8) That means your loss, combined with all other miscellaneous deductions, must exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income for it to do you any good.(9) Please specify whether ÔÇÿrevenuesÔÇÖ is a reference to total income, total turnover, gross profit, net profit or some other measure of income.(10) While on a gross level we can distinguish one thing from another, on a refined level no thing is actually find-able.(11) A man fallen in the ocean of nescience cannot be saved simply by rescuing his outward dress - the gross material body.(12) A no-flap approach was flown with a 220,000 lb gross weight, flying at 198 knots indicated airspeed.(13) We and the civilized world are in shock at this gross inhumanity, and we extend heartfelt condolences to the families of those killed and wounded.(14) Thirdly, the level of discrimination involved was gross and obvious.(15) The very high rates of interest then lead to a sharp fall in net profits, and interest payments might even exceed the entire gross profit in the case of some branches or regions.(16) Instead, she has chosen a dangerous, heartbreaking life, which sees risk and suffering and gross inhumanity every single day.
Related Phrases of gross
(1) gross weight ::
الوزن الإجمالي
(2) gross profit ::
اجمالي الربح
(3) gross domestic product ::
إجمالي الناتج المحلي
(4) gross income ::
الدخل الإجمالي
(5) gross margin ::
هامش الربح الإجمالي
(6) gross national product ::
الناتج القومي الإجمالي
(7) gross salary ::
الراتب الكلى
(8) gross revenue ::
إجمالي الإيرادات
(9) gross sales ::
إجمالي المبيعات
(10) gross negligence ::
الإهمال الجسيم
1. obese ::
2. boorish ::
غير مثقف
3. disgusting ::
4. flagrant ::
5. total ::
6. unadulterated ::
7. egregious ::
8. megascopic ::
10. porcine ::
11. revenue ::
12. earn ::
13. yuck ::
1. clean ::
2. decent ::
3. wholesome ::
Different Forms
gross, grossed, grosser, grosses, grossest, grossing, grossly, grossness
Word Example from TV Shows
It's gross, but I have to eat it.
Because I met somebody.

It's GROSS, but I have to eat it. Because I met somebody.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 8

and three gross coconut ones
with a bite taken out.

and three GROSS coconut ones with a bite taken out.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 15

Yeah, but we'll be old and gross together.

Yeah, but we'll be old and GROSS together.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 24

Sounds gross.
Looks gross. Smells gross.

Sounds GROSS. Looks GROSS. Smells GROSS.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 23

Sounds gross.
Looks gross. Smells gross.

Sounds GROSS. Looks GROSS. Smells GROSS.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 23

English to Arabic Dictionary: gross

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