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تفريغ, تدفق, تسديد, انطلاق, إقالة, صب, صرف من الخدمة, إطلاق النار, براء ة من دين, خلع, إنجاز لمهمةفصل, قذف, أطلق سراح, أقال, سدد, فرغ, أطلق النار, عفا من العسكرية, تحرر من, قصر يزيل الالوان, لفظ, أصدر, أدى واجبا
Discharge :
إبراء الذمة
- إبراء الذمةتفريغهاالتصريفالتفريغ

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Noun(1) the sudden giving off of energy(2) the act of venting(3) a substance that is emitted or released(4) any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body(5) electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field(6) the pouring forth of a fluid(7) the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart(8) a formal written statement of relinquishment(9) the act of discharging a gun
Verb(1) complete or carry out(2) pour forth or release(3) free from obligations or duties(4) remove the charge from(5) go off or discharge(6) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges(7) eliminate (a substance(8) remove (cargo, people, etc.(9) cause to go off(10) release from military service(11) become empty or void of its content

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(1) But they say that having MRSA will not delay anybody's discharge from the hospital and that there are no special precautions to follow once the patient is home.(2) A group of girls presented a project on water pollution and expressed concern over the effluent discharge into river and how it had affected the marine life.(3) Because these operations discharge uneaten food, pesticides and fish waste into the ocean, they need permits.(4) his discharge from the hospital(5) Always treat your firearm as if it could still discharge .(6) The glands discharge their contents by the contraction of the arrector pili muscle and by any pressure applied to the gland.(7) As Valkyrie Two continued through the air, the sound of laser cannon discharge rang out.(8) Those who brandish or discharge firearms in a public place would, in all but the rarest cases, be locked up.(9) They will have a hard time finding work, and under the new bankruptcy law, they won't be able to discharge their debt.(10) freight for discharge(11) batteries have a tendency to discharge slowly(12) One also prohibited the discharge of projectiles and explosives from balloons.(13) A motion to consolidate that action with the applications for discharge now before this court was dismissed and the action is proceeding toward trial.(14) money paid in discharge of a claim(15) But only a very few discharge their responsibilities independently.(16) Waste water discharge into the lagoon has also been banned.
Related Words
(1) to discharge ::
على الوفاء
1. dismissal ::
2. release ::
إطلاق سراح
3. leak ::
4. emission ::
5. shot ::
اطلاق النار
6. carrying out ::
7. payment ::
8. outpouring ::
9. waiver ::
11. sacking ::
12. firing off ::
13. arc ::
14. dismiss ::
15. release ::
إطلاق سراح
16. send out ::
17. emit ::
18. fire ::
19. unload ::
21. pay ::
22. muster out ::
حشد من
23. exhaust ::
24. free ::
25. dispatch ::
26. empty ::
27. clear ::
28. drop ::
1. load ::
2. pack ::
Different Forms
discharge, discharged, discharges, discharging
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