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اختبار, تجربة, فحص, امتحان, تحليل, مباراة, ضبط, إختبار عملي, قشرة, مباراة تجريبية, إختبار لمعرفة قدرات الإنساناختبر, فحص, جرب, فحص النظر, امتحن, حلل, جرى تجارب, فحص السكر, خضع لإختبار
Test :
- اختبارتظاهرةقابلة للاختباراختباراختبار

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Noun(1) trying something to find out about it(2) any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc(3) a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge(4) the act of undergoing testing(5) the act of testing something(6) a hard outer covering as of some amoebas and sea urchins
Verb(1) put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to(2) test or examine for the presence of disease or infection(3) examine someone's knowledge of something(4) show a certain characteristic when tested(5) achieve a certain score or rating on a test(6) determine the presence or properties of (a substance(7) undergo a test

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(1) Since the beast was invincible by arrow or club the contest was a test of physical strength and endurance.(2) a spelling test(3) a statutory test of obscenity(4) Using the same pan, fry a small patty of the meat mixture and taste to test the seasoning.(5) This test is often positive in forms of blood vessel inflammation such as vasculitis.(6) This young lad, since passing his test , has written off two cars in self inflicted accidents.(7) The test , when placed in position, forms the bed of the furnace, with the long diameter transversely.(8) On test there was certainly very little buffeting or wind noise.(9) To test for overheating, touch your bare wrist to the barrel, near its end.(10) The best way to test a chilli for strength is to munch a bit before cooking.(11) The Bishop came to test us on our knowledge and woe betide the boy who failed to give an instant answer to his theological queries.(12) the exam will test accuracy and neatness(13) Validity standards are based on test content, not on which groups of students take the test .(14) If the HPV test is positive for the high risk type, then the patient warrants a closer look.(15) this is the first serious test of the peace agreement(16) It was an unequalled test of courage, strength and endurance, technique being less important than character.
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1. trial ::
2. exam ::
3. trial run ::
التشغيل التجريبي
4. mental test ::
اختبار عقلي
6. put a strain on ::
يشكل ضغطا على
7. quiz ::
8. screen ::
9. essay ::
Different Forms
pretest, pretested, pretesting, pretests, test, testable, tested, tester, testers, testing, testings, tests
English to Arabic Dictionary: test

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