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دفرة, شخص بليد, فقأ العين, فقع العين, لكزة, وكزة, وكزة بالناربحث بفضول, حشر, لكز, جامع, ظهر, ببرز, حشا, أقحم, غرز, دفع بالكوع, ضرب, طرد, أزاح, أخرج, حض, تحشر في
Poke :
- نكزمطعونالوخزاتسجنبدس

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Noun(1) tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes; young fleshy stems are edible; berries and root are poisonous(2) someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind(3) a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases(4) a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow(5) (boxing
Verb(1) poke or thrust abruptly(2) search or inquire in a meddlesome way(3) stir by poking(4) hit hard with the hand, fist, or some heavy instrument(5) make a hole by poking

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(1) Her mom gave her a poke and gestured to the table.(2) They're posh girls who talk like lads down the boozer about boobs and bums and can't resist giving them a poke and a prod in a giggly, sapphic way - all very private school changing rooms.(3) With plenty of poke , fluid handling and more interior space than an airport terminal, the Mondeo swallows my two sprogs and all their concomitant mess with ease.(4) It was a real ÔÇÿcrikeyÔÇÖ moment, and I wanted wrestle it, or at least poke it with a stick, but nobody had a camera so there was no point.(5) his mother comes into his room sometimes and has a poke round(6) The main purpose of my wee trip was to see my Uncle John and give him a poke and prod prior to his heart surgery.(7) There is bags of power from way down the rev range and loads of poke in the middle where it is needed for safe overtaking.(8) Her finger moved down my belly ending with a poke as she slowly pulled away backwards, turned and left me in my waking dream.(9) That is followed by the curious urge to poke it with a stick.(10) Don't poke me or prod me when you are talking to me.(11) Matt was silent as he continued to poke at the fire, every so often looking up from the flames to gaze at the lake's distant shore.(12) Well, the petrol version will get you from to 60 in about two hours, so if you want any poke at all, and surely that's the reason why you're buying a BMW, you have to go for the diesel.(13) Breakaway is sharper on the exit of a bend but that has as much to with extra poke and grippier tyres as it does with the suspension.(14) The use of the pejorative ÔÇÿinsidiousÔÇÖ is a little unnecessary, but I'm not one who should poke people with sticks for using flowery language.(15) he fished out a poke of crisps from under the counter(16) Delia felt a poke and immediately turned to her father, who was holding a piece of toast out for her.
Related Words
(1) to poke ::
1. prod ::
2. thrust ::
3. paper bag ::
حقيبة اوراق
4. clout ::
5. drone ::
6. scoke ::
7. prod ::
8. stick out ::
عملية مراقبة
9. stab ::
10. pound ::
11. horn in ::
يتدخل فى
Different Forms
poke, poked, pokes, pokey, pokeys, poking
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