English to Arabic Meaning :: indivisible

لا يتجزأ, غير قابل للإنقسامكل لا يتجزأ
Indivisible :
لا يتجزأ
- لا يتجزأ

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Adjective(1) impossible of undergoing division

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(1) ÔÇÿThis is women's work ÔÇÖ, he announces before explaining that responsibility for such chores is indivisible within a functional household.(2) For the author, politics and the personal are indivisible .(3) We remain indivisible despite their attempts to divide Americans through their relentless warfare against class, ethnic and religious unity.(4) Although the dominions became equal partners in the British Commonwealth, the Crown remained indivisible .(5) First, although it contains two distinct and separate rules, it is treated as a single indivisible influence.(6) Free speech is a universal freedom, and it is indivisible .(7) Whether or not one agrees with the political position of the party is not the point, but freedom of speech is indivisible : you have it or you do not.(8) The last sequence is of course the sequence of prime numbers, the indivisible numbers that can only be divided by themselves and one.(9) He saw how cinema, music and street style were indivisible .(10) The sovereign power is indivisible ; it cannot for instance be divided between king and parliament.(11) Although at one time it was correct to describe the Crown as one and indivisible , with the development of the Commonwealth this is no longer so.(12) Today art is indivisible from culture, culture from heritage, heritage from tourism.(13) There was a time when honesty was thought of as indivisible : you were either honest or you were not.(14) He brooked no rivals, anointed no successors and developed a cult of personality that was indivisible from his people's hopes.(15) But it suits Nationalists and unionists alike to maintain the fiction of an indivisible UK health service.(16) In the end, for all we have learned about his art, Caravaggio the artist and Caravaggio the man remain indivisible .
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(1) indivisible ::
لا يتجزأ
1. indivisible ::
لا يتجزأ
2. inseverable ::
3. impartible ::
4. whole ::
5. compact ::
8. aged ::
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