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مؤشر, الدليل, عقرب الساعة, مقياس الضغط, لوحة الساعات في السيارة, لوحة تسجل حركة المصعد
Indicator :
- مؤشرمؤشرات

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Noun(1) a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement(2) a signal for attracting attention(3) a device for showing the operating condition of some system(4) (chemistry, in medicine

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(1) Sperm morphology - its size and shape - is a significant indicator of fertility levels.(2) car ownership is frequently used as an indicator of affluence(3) Generally speaking, the number of ads is a rough indicator of the economic dynamism of the surveyed country.(4) My last recollection was noting 120 mp/h on the air speed indicator , then I ploughed into trees.(5) And, as with some Asian cars, the indicator and windscreen wipers are reversed, which can cause no end of confusion at first,(6) The presence of good satire is a fair indicator of the level of free speech you have.(7) He let two minutes go by, using the time indicator display in the view-finder.(8) the remaining alkali is titrated against standard acid using phenolphthalein as indicator(9) a speed indicator(10) the raccoon is a poor choice as an indicator of riparian habitat(11) The entire light cluster can be a rear light, a brake light or an indicator , and automatically adjusts in intensity and brightness to suit prevailing conditions.(12) Land holding in rural areas is a major indicator of economic status and social position.(13) an altitude indicator(14) If you prefer, you can switch to an artificial horizontal situation indicator screen, or split the screen and have both.(15) In the end, the driver crawled along until he could get into a lay-by using only his indicator light for illumination, and used his own mobile to call the police.(16) The most reliable scale is the Global Severity Index, an indicator of general stress level.
Related Words
1. measure ::
2. gauge ::
3. barometer ::
مقياس الضغط الجوي
4. guide ::
5. index ::
6. mark ::
7. sign ::
8. signal ::
9. symptom ::
علامة مرض
10. bellwether ::
11. herald ::
12. hint ::
13. standard ::
14. touchstone ::
محك الذهب
15. yardstick ::
16. benchmark ::
17. criterion ::
18. point of reference ::
نقطة مرجعية
19. guideline ::
20. test ::
21. litmus test ::
الاختبار الحقيقي
Different Forms
indicator, indicators
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