English to Arabic Meaning :: disgrace

عار, خزي, فضيحة, طرد, نكبةعيب, أخزى, ألحق به عار, فضح
Disgrace :
- عارموصوممخزالخزىهتك العرض

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Noun(1) a state of dishonor
Verb(1) bring shame or dishonor upon(2) reduce in worth or character, usually verbally(3) damage the reputation of

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(1) he's a disgrace to the legal profession(2) It is usually only when an element of criminal dishonesty is involved that there follows a removal, in disgrace , from Westminster.(3) But dismissed in disgrace nearly 10 years ago, he is using his influence and contacts to make a return from exile.(4) Some of them, and I hasten to emphasise ÔÇÿsomeÔÇÖ are a disgrace to what ought to be a noble profession.(5) To treat my aunt in this way is a disgrace to her memory.(6) The man is a disgrace to honest lawyers everywhere.(7) I have always believed in fair play and in justice; and those sorts of shootings were a disgrace to any civilised community.(8) Tomorrow begins with a nine o'clock class, so I hope I shan't disgrace myself, time-wise, there.(9) However, more people than you could ever dream of find you utterly abhorrent and a disgrace to this country.(10) if he'd gone back, it would have brought disgrace on the family(11) he left the army in disgrace(12) The condition of dozens of buildings is also a disgrace to the town.(13) Our media are a disgrace to the hallowed concept of freedom of the press.(14) The family guilty of such an omission would be held in disgrace and contempt pending the intervention of lineage or clan members.(15) She didn't disgrace herself and managed to keep with them for much of the race only to fade slightly at the end.(16) And I agree entirely; if defence personnel do something to disgrace themselves then obviously they need to be punished for it.
Related Words
(1) public disgrace ::
عار العام
1. dishonor ::
2. scandal ::
3. ignominy ::
4. bring shame on ::
جلب العار على
5. discredit ::
تشويه السمعة
6. shame ::
1. aggrandize ::
2. canonize ::
3. deify ::
4. elevate ::
5. exalt ::
Different Forms
disgrace, disgraced, disgraceful, disgraces, disgracing
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