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الى الوراء, عكسيا, الجزء الخلفي أو الماضيمتخلف, المتخلف, المترددخلفي, ارتجاعي, متأخر عن أوانه, خجول, عكسي الإتجاه
Backward :
الى الوراء
- الى الوراءمتخلفالتخلفالى الوراء

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Adjective(1) directed or facing toward the back or rear(2) (used of temperament or behavior(3) retarded in intellectual development(4) having made less than normal progress
Adverb(1) at or to or toward the back or rear(2) in a manner or order or direction the reverse of normal(3) in or to or toward a past time

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(1) But the number of these backward people was steadily decreasing.(2) The one nearest her stands straight up, jerking as if in a seizure, and falls backward from the ladder.(3) He turned his hat backward and snapped shots of his teammates warming up.(4) It marks his first slight step backward as a solo artist but it's hardly a failure.(5) They will take steps backward before they become great again, if they become great again.(6) It sounds like a spiritual step backward , yet she seems like an intelligent and thoughtful woman.(7) Rural poverty and backward agriculture will have to be tackled with, among other things, irrigation, power, communications and education.(8) But we in the Western society have called them primitive, as backward people, that we need to come and somehow or other educate.(9) He has never flinched, never buckled, never taken a backward step in defending the rights of our editors and journalists to find the news and report it in a fair and balanced way.(10) The other three boys left without a backward glance and I attempted to do the same but as we arrived at the edge of the woods, I looked quickly over to where we had left Gregory.(11) He says that she has heard him speak in High German, Akkadian, and Aramaic which Peter interprets as his going backward through many past lives.(12) But his level was so much higher at the position, he could take a step backward and still be better than most.(13) He took it and disappeared without a backward glance.(14) ÔÇÿAt a time when business de-rating has ended, it's a backward step to see the promotion of Orange halls in this wayÔÇÖ.(15) All told, it appears that marooned on this jungle island, humanity took a giant step backward to survive.(16) There is absolutely no excuse or justification for such a backward and undemocratic step being taken.
Related Words
(1) move backward ::
انتقال إلى الخلف
1. rearward ::
2. retrograde ::
3. underdeveloped ::
4. hesitant ::
5. slow-witted ::
6. toward the rear ::
نحو العمق
7. in reverse ::
إلى الوراء
8. back ::
الى الخلف
1. ahead ::
2. along ::
على طول
3. forth ::
4. forward ::
إلى الأمام
5. forwards ::
إلى الأمام
6. on ::
Different Forms
backward, backwardly, backwardness, backwards
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