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facile (Adjective) - /fac·ile/ - /ˈfasəl/

facile: سطحي, رشيق, هين, وديع, واثق من نفسه

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English to English meaning of 'facile'

1. expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; "able to dazzle with his facile tongue"; "silver speech"
2. performing adroitly and without effort; "her easy grace"; "a facile hand"
3. arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth; "too facile a solution for so complex a problem"

Synonyms of 'facile'

superficial, one-dimensional, shallow, skin-deep

Antonyms of 'facile'

deep, profound

Examples of 'facile'

1. It's a sort of facile turn of phrase for the specter that now hangs over our entire economy. Read Article
2. Most of those lyrics came from the facile mind of Jon Hendricks. Read Article
3. Bonjour et bienvenue dans le journal en Français facile. Read Article
4. For at least 25 years, the UK's political debate on Europe has been childishly facile. Read Article
5. As Carrie put it in a recent interview, "I'm skeptical of things that feel facile." Read Article
6. He is a wonderfully facile writer.
7. But in the less palmy days of their marriage and the final years of his life, Lennon produced (with Yoko's help) shallow, facile recordings that cannibalized his early work. Francine Prose, The Lives of the Muses, 2002
8. This problem needs more than just a facile solution.

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