English to Arabic Meaning of weak - ضعيف

Weak :

ضعيف, سيئة, غث, عاجز, اغمى عليه, مريض, الواهية, واهن, معاق, غير قادر, شاذ, ناعم, رعديد, ضعيف العقل, مناقصة, معتدل, عرج, طري, نحيف ضعيف, يميع \ يخفف, مهلهل, نحيل, تعوزه الحيوية, متزعزع, ممل, كبح, هزل, الخالية من, لطيف, مهذب, ضوء, هش, دقيق او حساس, غير سليم, فاسد, قابل للكسر, ناضج, الخام, مؤقت, أخضر, غير ناضج, طازج, غير صحي, غير صالحة, جبان, منخفض, قصيرة, الى الوراء, غير فعال, يتبرع, غير تام, أقل, السفلي, ناقص, غير مهم, قعادة, انعدام الوزن, غير أساسي, تتبدد, تضاءل, ضائع, مرضي, البتة

ضعيفوهنضعيفضعفيضعفأضعفالأضعفالضعيف الجسموهنضعيفضعفنقاط الضعف
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Definitions of weak in English
Adjective(1) wanting in physical strength(2) overly diluted; thin and insipid(3) (used of vowels or syllables(4) wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings(5) tending downward in price(6) deficient or lacking in some skill(7) lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality(8) (used of verbs, or regular(9) not having authority, political strength, or governing power(10) deficient in magnitude; barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc(11) likely to fail under stress or pressure(12) deficient in intelligence or mental power
Examples of weak in English
(1) Amber couldn't help the faint blush, or the weak smile, as she nodded.(2) While the plot is pretty weak , it doesn't hurt the game too much.(3) To its great shame, the United States has a pathetically weak labor law which makes it easy for employers to harass and punish workers who try to organize unions.(4) But the overall verdict, delivered in the first police performance monitors published as part of a drive to tackle weak forces, is upbeat.(5) According to them, the bank's position was too weak to intervene because of its thin foreign exchange reserves.(6) Just when treatment was beginning take effect, the arrival of a female zebra at the zoo caused him to run around in excitement, causing grave damage to his already weak hoof.(7) He looked like a natural for comedy with his weak chin, receding hairline and a nose that looked as if someone had recently slammed a car door on it.(8) Our waitress's command of English was weak , almost non-existent in fact, and our food arrived at strange intervals.(9) ÔÇÿSterling has been weak and you would expect that to continue,ÔÇÖ he said.(10) He is a man of strong convictions and weak commitments.(11) The deliberate assault on the weak is not the spirit of Socialism but of Fascism.(12) That said, the coach admits that the team does have weak areas that need to be addressed, such as someone who consistently puts the puck in the net.(13) Mr. Erickson-Moore stood behind me and wrenched the leaf-pole from my weak grip, breaking it in half over his knee as though it were a mere twig.(14) Of course, I had no power and I was very weak physically, so I felt very helpless and exposed.(15) In fact, scientists could and did show that gravity was too weak a force to account for the movement of continents.(16) Their coach comes across as weak , making decisions to cater for the fading hero rather than the good of the team.
Related Phrases of weak
(1) weak point ::
نقطة ضعف
(2) very weak ::
ضعيف جدا
(3) weak spot ::
نقطة ضعف
(4) the weak ::
(5) weak heart ::
قلب ضعيف
(6) extremely weak ::
ضعيف جدا
(7) feel weak ::
شعور بالضعف
(8) weak-minded ::
ضعيف العقل
(9) weak acid ::
حمض ضعيف
(10) weak-kneed ::
1. frail ::
2. inadequate ::
غير كاف
3. unconvincing ::
غير مقنع للعقل
4. spineless ::
ضعيف الشخصية
5. dim ::
6. indistinct ::
غير واضح
7. watery ::
8. unenthusiastic ::
9. imperfect ::
غير تام
10. washy ::
12. faint ::
اغمى عليه
13. unaccented ::
غير مختصر
1. mighty ::
2. powerful ::
3. rugged ::
وعر، خشن، قاس
4. stalwart ::
قوي البنية
5. stout ::
6. strong ::
Different Forms
weak, weaken, weakened, weakening, weakens, weaker, weakest, weakling, weaklings, weakly, weakness, weaknesses
Word Example from TV Shows
I think they might. They're weak.

I think they might. They're WEAK.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 1

If I hadn't killed them,
the Northerners would think me weak.

If I hadn't killed them, the Northerners would think me WEAK.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 8

You're still too weak.

You're still too WEAK.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5

Screw him, he was weak.

Screw him, he was WEAK.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 12

You are weak. And you're stupid.

You are WEAK. And you're stupid.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 8

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