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ذكرى, ذاكرة, تذكر, سوابق المريض, أستدعاء, النصب التذكاري, نصب تذكاري, رمز, عقل, احتفاظ, سجل, تحتجز, معلق, تحمل, يلبس
ذكرى, تحديد رمز, أثر مقدس, تذكير, تذكار

Remembrance    :ذكرى


Remembrance - ذكرى

Remembrances :: تحية


Related Words


1. recollection :: تذكر

2. memory :: ذاكرة

3. commemoration :: إحياء ذكرى

4. memento :: تذكار

5. memorial :: النصب التذكاري

Different forms

remembrance, remembrances

English to Arabic Dictionary: remembrance
Meaning and definitions of remembrance, translation in Arabic language for remembrance with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of remembrance in Arabic and in English language.

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What remembrance means in Arabic, remembrance meaning in Arabic, remembrance definition, examples and pronunciation of remembrance in Arabic language.

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