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مقاربة, لجأ, التمكن من, الانضمام, مأوى, اللجوء, النزل, ميناء, الامتياز التجاري, الثقة, إيمان, اعتماد, اقتراح
لجأ, لجوء، ملاذ, مذيع الأخبار, مرسى, دعم, واحه
لجأ, مرفأ, مأوى, منزل, التغطية, شاشة

Refuge    :لجأ


Refuge - لجأ

Refugees :: اللاجئين

Refuges :: الملاجئ


Related Words

1. take refuge :: اللجوء


1. shelter :: مأوى

2. sanctuary :: الملاذ الآمن

3. recourse :: لجوء، ملاذ

4. safety :: سلامة

Different forms

refuge, refuges

English to Arabic Dictionary: refuge
Meaning and definitions of refuge, translation in Arabic language for refuge with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of refuge in Arabic and in English language.

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What refuge means in Arabic, refuge meaning in Arabic, refuge definition, examples and pronunciation of refuge in Arabic language.

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