English to Arabic Meaning of master - رئيس

Master :

المعلم, مدرس, رئيس, مؤدب, مرب, المعلم الروحي, رب, المدير الكبير, لأفضل, الله, مرتبط ب, صاحب العمل, محافظ حاكم, صاحب, مالك, امتلاكي, الفاعل, حاكم, السلطة, مدرب, دكتور جامعى, أمير, دوق, الريادة, شيخ القبيلة, زعيم, مسطرة, قاض, وصي العرش, دكتاتور, المالك, القيم على, مدير, المتحدث, بابو, سيدي المحترم, انسان محترم, الزوج, عجوز, رجل, بعل, سوامي, بطل الرواية, قائد المنتخب, ملك, الراجا أمير هندي, العاهل, ملكية, الرفيق, عالم, الناقد, الرفيع الثقافة, بوكمان, موصل, إمبراطورية, زميل, الحكومي, النظام الحاكم, حالة, الادارة, حمية, الآب, المعبود, محبوب الجماهير, كاري, الحرفيين, عمل, الفعل, فن, متخصص, حرفي, مخترع, سوط اليد

الأساسية, ابتدائي, المالك, أولي, مفتاح, رئيس, تقييدي, المراقب, قيادة, رائد, غالب, بارع, مسطحة, عظيم, متميز, بارز, وأشار, تسيطر, كبح, قهر, حجز, يجمع تحت السيطرة, رب, حكم, تدبير, مقبض, سلوك, العمل, تأمين, يغزو, يفوز, التغلب على, يأخذ, فروة الرأس, أسوأ, يتقشر, ضرب بقسوة, قائد الجيش

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Definitions of master in English
Noun(1) an artist of consummate skill(2) a person who has general authority over others(3) a combatant who is able to defeat rivals(4) directs the work of others(5) presiding officer of a school(6) an original creation (i.e., an audio recording(7) an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship(8) someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution(9) an authority qualified to teach apprentices(10) key that secures entrance everywhere
Verb(1) be or become completely proficient or skilled in(2) get on top of; deal with successfully(3) have dominance or the power to defeat over(4) have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top of
Adjective(1) most important element
Examples of master in English
(1) I wish someone would properly master this recording so that I can truly judge the overall quality.(2) It was my first time playing in an RPG, let alone being the game master for one.(3) The instructor was a registered nurse who had master 's degree preparation.(4) Most of them possessed master 's degrees, and a few had earned their doctorates.(5) The rogue gave the master of the college as referee, but in view of his story, the bank opened the account and collected the cheque without making enquiries.(6) Although he was a languages teacher, he was originally taken on at the school as a PE master .(7) Upstairs are all four bedrooms, with an en suite shower room off the master bedroom, as well as the main bathroom.(8) When he wants to be, he is a master of the macabre and a skilled technician of suspense.(9) He has a law degree and a master 's degree in classical studies from Columbia University.(10) A student must pass 10 levels of the training programme to master the art.(11) The games master would insist on everyone rattling along the floor, pounding on the springboard and doing amazing acrobatics above the large wooden horse.(12) I still don't like doing it and have to psych myself up to it but I am starting to master the fear.(13) The third type of government in the household is that of the lord over his slaves and the master over his servants(14) The quality is also poor because the transfer was taken from a tape master rather than the original 35 mm print.(15) He spent six years at the university before graduating with a master 's degree in physics.(16) My department offers bachelor's and master 's degrees but not a doctorate.
Related Phrases of master
(1) master bedroom ::
غرفة النوم الرئيسية
(2) master degree ::
شهادة ماجستير
(3) master plan ::
خطة رئيسية
(4) master key ::
المفتاح الرئيسي
(5) master of ceremonies ::
رئيس التشريفات
(6) master data ::
البيانات الرئيسية
(7) master class ::
فئة رئيسية
(8) master file ::
الملف الرئيسي
(9) master volume ::
الصوت الرئيسي
(10) young master ::
المعلم الصغير
1. lord ::
2. owner ::
3. expert ::
4. captain ::
قائد المنتخب
5. guru ::
6. passe-partout ::
7. overlord ::
المدير الكبير
8. headmaster ::
ناظر المدرسة
9. skipper ::
10. master copy ::
نسخة رئيسية
11. maestro ::
فنان قائد فرقة موسيقية
12. superior ::
13. professional ::
14. overcome ::
التغلب على
15. learn ::
16. get the hang ::
الحصول على تعليق
17. dominate ::
18. control ::
19. expert ::
20. principal ::
21. chief ::
1. amateur ::
2. inexpert ::
غير حاذق
Different Forms
master, mastered, mastering, masters
Word Example from TV Shows
Master Illyrio has
extended his hospitality.

Master Illyrio has extended his hospitality.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 2

Before you freed me,
I belonged to Master Mighdal.

Before you freed me, I belonged to Master Mighdal.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 10

A master.


Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 13

- He's not my master.
- No, of course not.

- He's not my MASTER. - No, of course not.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 4

She bought me from my master
and set me free.

She bought me from my MASTER and set me free.

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4

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