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المعرفه, حكمة, إحساس, وعي, تعلم, معرفة, درس, تعليمات, دراسة, معلومات, حقيقة, المخابرات, تجربة, خبرة
عاطفة, امتصاص, المعرفه, منحة دراسية

Knowledge    :المعرفه


Knowledge - المعرفه

Knowledgeable :: المعرفة


Related Words

1. knowledge is power :: المعرفة قوة


1. understanding :: فهم

2. learning :: تعلم

3. awareness :: وعي

4. familiarity with :: مألوف لدى

5. information :: معلومات

6. noesis :: noesis


1. ignorance :: جهل

2. illiteracy :: أمية

Different forms

knowledge, knowledgeable

English to Arabic Dictionary: knowledge
Meaning and definitions of knowledge, translation in Arabic language for knowledge with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of knowledge in Arabic and in English language.

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What knowledge means in Arabic, knowledge meaning in Arabic, knowledge definition, examples and pronunciation of knowledge in Arabic language.

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