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أعرف, تعلم, تدرك, لديهم معرفة, خفة دم, نظام معلومات المنظمة, تحديد, تعرف, خاصة, أن تعرف, تصور شعور, تفهم, اذهب, كين, استراحة, كن حذرا
أعرف, وصف, واع

Know    :أعرف


Know - أعرف

Knowable :: يمكن معرفته

Knowing :: معرفة

Knows :: يعرف


Related Words


1. be aware :: كن حذرا

2. have knowledge of :: لديهم معرفة

3. be familiar with :: عرف جيدا

4. be acquainted with :: طلع

5. experience :: تجربة

6. distinguish :: تميز

7. bed :: السرير

8. recognize :: تعرف

9. cognise ::


1. miss :: يغيب

Different forms

know, knowable, knows

English to Arabic Dictionary: know
Meaning and definitions of know, translation in Arabic language for know with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of know in Arabic and in English language.

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What know means in Arabic, know meaning in Arabic, know definition, examples and pronunciation of know in Arabic language.

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