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بارع, متجبر, متعجرف, متكبر او مغرور, فخور, عنيد, صدري, نرلي, طائفي
عنيد, الخاطئة, صعب المراس, مغرور

Headstrong    :عنيد


Headstrong - عنيد



1. willful :: عنيد

2. strong-willed :: حازم

3. stubborn :: عنيد

4. obstinate :: عنيد

5. unyielding :: عنيد

6. obdurate :: عنيد

7. contrary :: عكس

8. perverse :: منحرف

9. wayward :: صعب المراس

10. unruly :: جامح

11. refractory :: المواد المقاومة للحرارة


1. tractable :: لين العريكة

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English to Arabic Dictionary: headstrong
Meaning and definitions of headstrong, translation in Arabic language for headstrong with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of headstrong in Arabic and in English language.

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What headstrong means in Arabic, headstrong meaning in Arabic, headstrong definition, examples and pronunciation of headstrong in Arabic language.

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