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ممتدح, طريف, فكه, سريعة البديهة،, غض, عصاري, sapful, الأب بلغة الطفل, مزوح, لعوب, gamesome, مرح, قوس, مازح

Facetious    :طريف


Facetious - طريف

Facetiously :: بمرح

Facetiousness :: فكاهة


Related Words

1. facetious :: طريف


1. flippant :: وقح

2. flip :: يواجه

3. glib :: عفوي

4. frivolous :: تافه

5. tongue-in-cheek :: اللسان في خده

6. ironic :: ساخر

7. sardonic :: تهكمي

8. joking ::

9. jokey :: jokey

10. jocular :: مزوح

11. playful :: لعوب

12. sportive :: لعوب

13. teasing ::

14. mischievous :: مؤذ

15. witty :: بارع

16. amusing :: مسل

17. funny :: مضحك

18. droll :: مهرج

19. comic :: رسوم متحركة

20. comical :: هزلي

21. lighthearted :: طريفة

22. jocose :: فكه


1. sincere :: صادق

Different forms

facetious, facetiously, facetiousness

English to Arabic Dictionary: facetious
Meaning and definitions of facetious, translation in Arabic language for facetious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of facetious in Arabic and in English language.

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What facetious means in Arabic, facetious meaning in Arabic, facetious definition, examples and pronunciation of facetious in Arabic language.

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