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الخارج, خارجي, في الخارج, خارج, بلا إنتماء

Extrinsic    :خارجي


Extrinsic - خارجي


Related Words

1. extrinsic motivation :: التحفيز الخارجي


1. external :: خارجي

2. extraneous :: غير جوهري

3. exterior :: الخارج

4. outside :: في الخارج

5. outward :: نحو الخارج


1. inherent :: متأصل

2. innate :: فطري

3. intrinsic :: نقي

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English to Arabic Dictionary: extrinsic
Meaning and definitions of extrinsic, translation in Arabic language for extrinsic with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of extrinsic in Arabic and in English language.

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What extrinsic means in Arabic, extrinsic meaning in Arabic, extrinsic definition, examples and pronunciation of extrinsic in Arabic language.

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