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عذر, حجة, ذريعة, تظاهر, مغفرة, استميحك عذرا, نعمة او وقت سماح, تسامح, إعفاء دين, هرب, إعفاء, إطلاق سراح, حصانة, قياس
عذر, استميحك عذرا, غفر, اختصاص, تغاضى, قدم عذرا, تضرع

Excuse    :عذر


Excuse - عذر

Excused :: معذور

Excuses :: الأعذار

Excusing :: مسامح


Related Words


1. justification :: مبرر

2. pretext :: ذريعة

3. travesty of :: مهزلة

4. apology :: اعتذار

5. exculpation ::


6. forgive :: غفر

7. justify :: برر

8. let off ::

9. pardon :: استميحك عذرا

10. condone :: تغاضى

11. beg off :: التسول خارج

12. relieve :: اعفاء

13. explain :: شرح

Different forms

excuse, excused, excuses, excusing

English to Arabic Dictionary: excuse
Meaning and definitions of excuse, translation in Arabic language for excuse with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of excuse in Arabic and in English language.

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What excuse means in Arabic, excuse meaning in Arabic, excuse definition, examples and pronunciation of excuse in Arabic language.

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