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ا & قتصاص, استبعد, حلج, هذب, يقطع, الخارج عن القانون, يطرد, بثق, إبعاد, منفى, حذف, رمى, مقاطعة, استغنى

Exclude    :استبعد


Exclude - استبعد

Excluded :: مستبعد

Excludes :: يستثني

Excluding :: مانعا


Related Words

1. exclude from :: استبعاد من


1. keep out :: ابق بعيدا

2. eliminate :: القضاء

3. be exclusive of :: تكون حصرية ل

4. leave out/off ::

5. take out :: أخرج

6. shut out :: اصمت

7. debar :: حرم

8. chuck out :: رمي بالخارج


1. admit :: يعترف

2. include :: تتضمن

Different forms

exclude, excluded, excludes, excluding

English to Arabic Dictionary: exclude
Meaning and definitions of exclude, translation in Arabic language for exclude with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of exclude in Arabic and in English language.

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What exclude means in Arabic, exclude meaning in Arabic, exclude definition, examples and pronunciation of exclude in Arabic language.

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