English to Arabic Meaning of back - الى الخلف

Back :
الى الخلف

الى الخلف, مسند الظهر, خلفي, خلف, مساعدات, مستقبل, سطح - المظهر الخارجي, وجه, وجه العملة

الى الخلف, هند, تحدث, مقابل, عكس, معكوس, معارض, الماضي, ماض, ذهب ب, وافته المنية, قديم, عتيق, مسن, مستخدم, مزمن, خلفي, عكسي, باب خلفي, منع, بعد, لاحق, متأخر, سطحي, ظهري, انقلب رأسا على عقب, متناقض, مديون, أمتياز, حصان التمويه, الى الوراء, الدعم, دعم, برر, حسم, ارقد, رهان, وتد, جلس, اذهب, عُد

خلف, الى الخلف, بعد, الى الوراء, في مؤخرة كذا, مرة أخرى, مرة اخرى, ثم, من جديد, من وراء, لاحقا, إلى الوراء, خلفي

الى الخلفالمدعومةمؤيدأنصاردعمالمساندعارية الذراعينتراكم الأعمال غير المنجزةالتراكماتظهورهم
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Definitions of back in English
Noun(1) the posterior part of a human (or animal(2) the side that goes last or is not normally seen(3) the part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer(4) (football(5) the series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord(6) the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book(7) the part of a garment that covers the back of your body(8) a support that you can lean against while sitting(9) (American football
Verb(1) be behind; approve of(2) travel backward(3) give support or one's approval to(4) cause to travel backward(5) support financial backing for(6) be in back of(7) place a bet on(8) shift to a counterclockwise direction(9) establish as valid or genuine(10) strengthen by providing with a back or backing
Adjective(1) related to or located at the back(2) located at or near the back of an animal, or hind(3) of an earlier date
Adverb(1) in or to or toward a former location(2) at or to or toward the back or rear(3) in or to or toward an original condition(4) in or to or toward a past time(5) in reply(6) in repayment or retaliation
Examples of back in English
(1) Go back a few years and past examples of new indices and trackers don't inspire much confidence either.(2) With my neck craned back , I can count the screws in the shelves on the far side of the room.(3) Double yellow lines to be introduced in some back roads to improve access to properties(4) Sam patted his back in fake sympathy before pushing back her chair to leave the table.(5) she put the file in the back of the drawer(6) Mr Coen had been thrown to the rear of the cab and partially out the back window.(7) They have faced five months of not knowing whether they would get their jobs back .(8) Small companies, where many a retail punter likes to invest, are also back in fashion.(9) I only had to shut my eyes and I was back in Connemara(10) Once back in the UK, it is usually possible to get things sorted out to our satisfaction.(11) I was just passing by the main bedroom when this dark figure shot past me towards the back bedroom.(12) Finnish is well known for possessing a front- back vowel harmony system.(13) she was rude back to them(14) I walked there and back(15) The bus is practically empty, so they move to the back as the bus lurches forwards.(16) We even went crawling back to our previous hovel but our beds had already been filled.
Related Phrases of back
(1) go back ::
(2) be right back ::
(3) get back ::
(4) welcome back ::
مرحبا بعودتك
(5) hold back ::
(6) bring back ::
(7) back off ::
(8) call back ::
أتصل مرة أخرى
1. rear ::
2. past ::
3. hinder ::
4. backward ::
الى الوراء
5. ago ::
7. spine ::
العمود الفقري
8. rear ::
9. end ::
10. reverse ::
11. backrest ::
مسند الظهر
12. dorsum ::
13. rachis ::
14. binding ::
15. sponsor ::
16. support ::
17. bet on ::
الرهان على
18. reverse ::
20. plump for ::
وقع إختياره على
21. indorse ::
1. face ::
2. forehead ::
3. front ::
Different Forms
back, backed, backer, backers, backing, backings, backless, backlog, backlogs, backs
Word Example from TV Shows
Whatever, can we just get back to this?

Whatever, can we just get BACK to this?

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 10

Tell us again how you screwed up and got
Penny back together with her old boyfriend.

Tell us again how you screwed up and got Penny BACK together with her old boyfriend.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 17

"Have you ever thought
that if you could go BACK in time

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 6

and Back to the Future III
was-- get this--

and Back to the Future III was-- get this--

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 1

You know, if I had a week off,
I'd go back

You know, if I had a week off, I'd go BACK

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 16

English to Arabic Dictionary: back

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