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متغير, متحول, متقلب, زائغ, قابل للتغييرالمتغير, شىء متقلب
Variable :
- متغيرالمتغيرات

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Noun(1) something that is likely to vary; something that is subject to variation(2) a quantity that can assume any of a set of values(3) a star that varies noticeably in brightness(4) a symbol (like x or y
Adjective(1) liable to or capable of change(2) marked by diversity or difference(3) (used of a device, as e.g. light

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(1) Although its resemblance to T. sowerbyi is not particularly close, it falls within the morphologic range of this very variable species.(2) Natural-gas-fired absorption chillers and variable speed pumps, motors and fans increase the efficiency of the cooling and heating system.(3) There are two types of interest rate to choose from, i.e.: fixed interest rates and variable interest rates.(4) Make a chart and list all your fixed and variable expenses, down to your weekly lottery ticket purchases.(5) The multiple signs and symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal often are not consistent because of variable dosages and the adulteration of drugs.(6) Unlike any other tape drive, VXA can operate at variable speed.(7) All centrifuges have the capability to tilt at various angles and spin at infinitely variable speeds.(8) In the southern and central parts, weather is more variable from October to April than in the north.(9) The university was able to upgrade all of its chillers to high-efficiency units and install variable speed pumping units.(10) Brown's formulae involved some 1,650 trigonometric terms, many of them with variable coefficients.(11) Thanks to a continuously variable transmission, throttle response is very linear as gear ratios are always optimized for the available engine power and road conditions.(12) For example, all specimens assigned to the Incertae familiae, discussed below, were treated as members of one highly variable species.(13) The species is morphologically variable and exhibits more molecular variation than A. hypogaea.(14) He replaced the differential operator d/dx by a variable p transforming a differential equation into an algebraic equation.(15) An infinitely variable camshaft timing device has a control valve located in the rotor.(16) Many of these mathematicians turned to other topics such as topology, differential equations, and functions of a complex variable .
Related Words
(1) independent variable ::
متغير مستقل
1. changeable ::
قابل للتغيير
5. fluctuating ::
6. irregular ::
غير منتظم
7. inconstant ::
8. inconsistent ::
9. fluid ::
10. unsteady ::
غير مستقر
11. unstable ::
غير مستقر
12. unsettled ::
غير مستقر
13. fitful ::
14. mutable ::
15. protean ::
18. capricious ::
19. fickle ::
20. volatile ::
21. unpredictable ::
لا يمكن التنبؤ به
22. mercurial ::
23. unreliable ::
غير جدير بالثقة
25. factor ::
26. element ::
27. ingredient ::
28. quantity ::
29. unknown quantity ::
كمية غير معروفة
30. condition ::
1. fixed ::
2. immutable ::
غير قابل للتغيير
3. inelastic ::
غير مرن
4. inflexible ::
5. invariable ::
6. ramrod ::
مدك البندقية
7. set ::
8. unchangeable ::
غير قابل للتغيير
Different Forms
variable, variables
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