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سقسقة, السقسقة صوت الطائر الصغيرسقسق
Tweet :
- سقسقةتويتدتويتينغتويت

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Noun(1) a weak chirping sound as of a small bird
Verb(1) make a weak, chirping sound(2) squeeze tightly between the fingers

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(1) Outgoing chief Jonathan Schwartz announced his farewell with a haiku tweet .(2) One blackbird wearing an orange beak sat on a branch and made a faint noise like a rubber duck with its whistle full of pudding, a tweet with the edges rubbed smooth.(3) A TV set is propped in a corner, budgies in cages tweet noisily as we walk past fish tanks.(4) email us, tweet us, go to our blog, and find us on Facebook(5) she talks about her own life, but she's just as likely to tweet about budget cuts and Keynesian economics(6) The chirp and tweet of the feathery creatures greet one as one nears this market beyond Laad Bazar.(7) The gentle tweet of a bird can be heard and your bones sing with the effortless music of its voice.(8) The tweet of a bird sounded by and Terika's eyes welled up with frightened tears.(9) And later still, when I ambled around the estates, listening to the sweet tweet of the birds and the occasional joy-rider, there was no nip in the air.(10) the gentle tweet of a bird can be heard(11) It came to land on his shoulder and continued to tweet its melody.(12) Little birdies commence to tweet around its head, in circles.(13) Not a single warble, tweet , or chirp can be heard - nothing but the faint buzz of insects, the passing hum of a distant airplane, and the hushed rustle of the wind.(14) Happy birds chirped and tweeted , and a deer just barely out of sight grazed peacefully.(15) Miss Johnson looked at me as if seeing me for the first time; giving a little jump, she tweeted , ÔÇÿOh, clumsy me.ÔÇÖ(16) The birds must've understood what Mari was saying because they were now tweeting excitedly.
Related Words
(1) tweet ::
1. twinge ::
2. squeeze ::
3. nip ::
4. twitch ::
5. pinch ::
Different Forms
tweet, tweeted, tweeting, tweets
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