English to Arabic Meaning :: truckle

دولاب صغيرحقر نفسه
Truckle :
دولاب صغير
- دولاب صغيرtruckledtrucklestruckling

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Noun(1) a low bed to be slid under a higher bed
Verb(1) yield to out of weakness(2) try to gain favor by cringing or flattering

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(1) Plenty of crusty bread and a big salad with a simplified cheese board, such as a whole Brie and a small truckle of Cheddar, will go down better than a pudding.(2) The gentleman in front of her announced that he had come to collect a cheddar - a whole truckle and they are big!(3) Each truckle of cheese is covered in a wax coating.(4) What is happening between her trucklers and us is not a debate.(5) He himself chose not to run for re-election to the party in 1907, and he expressed the concern that ÔÇÿsome of its leaders are becoming cowardly and truckling to priests and politicians.ÔÇÖ(6) Not, he notes, ÔÇÿthat there isn't plenty of truckling to superiors, parasitism, heavy-handed flattery, back-scratching and bottom-kissing, all calculated to bring special advantages to its purveyors.ÔÇÖ(7) Just don't let the other toadies and trucklers get credit.(8) Sometimes they indulge false hopes that by lying low, truckling , appeasing, they can avoid danger and strifeÔǪ And this is what seems to have happened in Spain.(9) But the confused combination of ÔÇÿrespectÔÇÖ for, fear of, contempt for and truckling to the community was not governed by electoral considerations alone.(10) Having lived in Canada, my patience for Canadian trucklers and proditors may be less than yours.(11) We refuse to surrender the leadership of this race to cowards and trucklers .(12) Even his trucklers couldn't deal with the full impact of his vituperations.(13) Its members were accused of exceeding their powers, of truckling to the foreigners, and even of treachery.(14) Doll Conovan reliably slips backs into Dix's life every time he's released from jail, but he barely acknowledges her existence even when she shares his apartment and caters to his every whim obsequiously truckling , ÔÇÿYeah!ÔÇÖ
Related Words
(1) truckle bed ::
سرير متحرك
1. kowtow to ::
تملق ل
2. submit to ::
تقديم ل
3. defer to ::
تأجيل الى
4. yield to ::
يخضع إلى
5. back down to ::
التراجع إلى
6. bow and scrape to ::
القوس وكشط ل
7. be obsequious to ::
يكون اذعانا ل
8. be subordinate to ::
تكون تابعة ل
9. pander to ::
الانقياد ل
10. toady to ::
متملقا ل
11. prostrate oneself to ::
يسجد نفسه ل
12. grovel to ::
تذلل ل
13. dance attendance on ::
الحضور الرقص على
14. curry favor with ::
15. ingratiate oneself with ::
تملق مع
16. suck up to ::
17. crawl to ::
الزحف ل
18. lick the boots of ::
لعق الأحذية من
19. trundle bed ::
سرير متحرك
20. trundle ::
21. truckle bed ::
سرير متحرك
Different Forms
truckle, truckled, truckles, truckling
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