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أليف, مروض, داجن, مذلل, غير ممتع, خالي من النكهة, وديعكبح, دجن, طوع, روض, قهر, ذلل, تملك نفسه, لين الطبع, أنس
Tame :
- كبحترويضهبخضوعالتروضيروض

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Verb(1) correct by punishment or discipline(2) make less strong or intense; soften(3) adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land(4) overcome the wildness of; make docile and tractable(5) make fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans
Adjective(1) flat and uninspiring(2) very restrained or quiet(3) brought from wildness into a domesticated state(4) very docile

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(1) The mother cat's quite tame and not very old herself, and the kittens are probably around 5-6 weeks old.(2) Matthew, for a contract to be valid, there are actually lots of gritty details and for that reason it's sometimes not a bad idea to see a tame lawyer.(3) But it may simply be naÔö£┬╗ve to think that any country can permanently tame the tiger of tribalism.(4) There were only a few rapids and they were extremely tame .(5) Be aware that injured animals, even tame pets will bite savagely if given a chance.(6) I took her to the petting zoo, which has tame goats to pet.(7) One who would be inspired by the colours on my face and the changing season outside to make love to my hair and tame the wild beast that it is.(8) Instead of importing tame pigs, people from several different countries domesticated the animals themselves.(9) These films are really tame , innocent adventures, offering a real, if occasionally warped view of the South.(10) He said that it must be remembered that elephants are not naturally tame .(11) Reports in Shanghai's usually tame newspapers complained that journalists were barred from approaching the mine.(12) Villagers believe the shaman uses black magic to help tame the elephant and sever ties to the mother.(13) But the public's current disillusionment with tame government scientists in the wake of BSE is high.(14) The festival in her honour was a tame affair until a few years ago.(15) Children enjoy the farm setting and the tame farm animals.(16) On the pitch, the game was a much more tame affair.
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خفض النغمه
1. feral ::
2. savage ::
3. wild ::
Different Forms
tame, tamed, tamely, tameness, tames, taming
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