English to Arabic Meaning :: suppress

قمع, كبح, كبت, سحق, حظر, كتم, أخفى, أخفى شهادة, أزال, حرم, أخمد, وضع حدا, زود بإلة مزيلة للتشويش
Suppress :
- كبحالقامعمكبوتيقمعللقمع

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Verb(1) bring under control by force or authority(2) come down on or keep down by unjust use of one's authority(3) consciously restrain from showing; of emotions, desires, impulses, or behavior(4) put out of one's consciousness(5) lessen to the point of stopping

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(1) Your drug regimen will include immunosuppressants - drugs that suppress the activity of your immune system.(2) Deanna tried to suppress what looked like a smirk at this point.(3) Some medications can suppress allergic reactions so that the skin testing can't be performed.(4) People who suffer emotional distress can turn to food to suppress their feelings, only exacerbating the problem.(5) The networks could fight the politicians on First Amendment principles, arguing that it's insane to suppress newsworthy information.(6) This is a step to bind the working class, sweep aside any right won in the past with its own strength and suppress any uprising if it occurs.(7) Instead of promoting justice in the case, his reaction, along with a group of newspaper editors, has been to suppress information about the case.(8) So is it healthier to express or suppress your feelings?(9) Whether anger is triggered by external events such as traffic jams, or by internal worrying, researchers are still unsure if it's healthier to express or suppress the emotion.(10) If the arrest is dependent upon recombination, then preventing recombination should suppress the meiotic progression defect.(11) Dani bit her lip, trying to suppress her feelings of desire.(12) For three years, she had tried to subdue and suppress the aching questions and pleas of her heart and soul.(13) Until last month, the federal statistics department, responding to pressure from Inuit organizations, took unusual steps to suppress their own information.(14) Never once does he threaten to overpower or suppress them.(15) Spark plug wires that suppress electro-magnetic interference are a necessity in our electronics-rich race cars, but these wires can degrade over time.(16) In contrast, PKC inhibition did not suppress the growth of normal mast cells.
Related Words
(1) to suppress ::
1. subdue ::
2. conceal ::
3. censor ::
4. conquer ::
5. repress ::
6. bottle up ::
زجاجة تصل
7. crush ::
1. bare ::
2. disclose ::
3. display ::
4. divulge ::
5. expose ::
6. reveal ::
7. show ::
8. uncover ::
9. unmask ::
10. unveil ::
كشف النقاب
Different Forms
suppress, suppressant, suppressants, suppressed, suppresses, suppressible, suppressing, suppression, suppressor, suppressors
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