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سحق, حطم, تحطم, هشم, تهشم, فلس, كسر, هدم, هزم, ضغط, دمرتحطم, سطو, ضربة قوية في التنس, ضربة عنيفة, هزيمة ساحقة, اصطدام, إفلاس, إصطدام عنيف, إخفاق, انهيار, صوت عاليرائع
Smash :
- تحطيمحطمجميل جدايحطمتحطيم

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Noun(1) a vigorous blow(2) a serious collision (especially of motor vehicles(3) a hard return hitting the tennis ball above your head(4) the act of colliding with something(5) a conspicuous success
Verb(1) hit hard(2) break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over(3) reduce to bankruptcy(4) hit violently(5) humiliate or depress completely(6) damage or destroy as if by violence(7) hit (a tennis ball(8) collide or strike violently and suddenly(9) overthrow or destroy (something considered evil or harmful(10) break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow
Adverb(1) with a loud crash

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(1) I also learned how to smash someone's face in with a bar, and the correct boots to wear to kick, severely damage and vandalize private property.(2) a deliberate attempt to smash the union movement(3) After some long serving from Christine Dunne and a great smash from Aodainn Crowe, the sides were level at 10-10.(4) Victor braced himself, ducked and leaped to the ogre's side as the hammer crashed into the ground with a loud smash .(5) Miss Ul Haq said she heard a smash , Mr Derbyshire ran into the pub and Syed was in shock.(6) He threatened to smash me in the face with the grill.(7) The father-of-two was killed on June 10 in a smash with another vehicle when he was driving to Denver airport.(8) Woosnam is at the top of a sport that has changed enormously since he first played, a determined farmer's boy who loved to smash the ball as hard as he could.(9) Shrugging Antonio started to walk by the room when he heard the smash of something that sounded like glass.(10) There is going to be a smash ; it's too late to avoid it; let the other lot stay in the driver's seat for now.(11) So we may look forward once again to the forearm smash being deployed at the line-out by the master of that particular black art.(12) A woman lies trapped in an upturned station wagon, numb from the impact of a car smash .(13) Modern safety standards require shatterproof glass, which won't smash into sharp shards - but older furniture may well have plain glass.(14) Her neighbour heard a smash and ran out to see the boys running away from his car, the window was smashed.(15) His large, meaty hand grabbed the lamp and he threw it at the wall, causing it to smash into a million pieces.(16) Police said the car was forced on to its side by the impact of the smash , but the driver made off when the vehicle fell back onto four wheels.
Related Words
2. crash ::
يصطدم _ تصادم
3. success ::
4. overhead ::
تكاليف غير مباشرة
5. bash ::
6. smash-up ::
7. bang ::
8. break ::
9. crash ::
يصطدم _ تصادم
10. crash into ::
11. hit ::
12. destroy ::
13. ruin ::
15. dash ::
16. crush ::
17. blast ::
1. bomb ::
2. bummer ::
3. bust ::
4. catastrophe ::
5. clinker ::
خبث المعادن
6. failure ::
7. fiasco ::
8. flop ::
هبوط مفاجئ
9. misfire ::
10. turkey ::
ديك رومي
Different Forms
smash, smashed, smasher, smashers, smashes, smashing
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