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جلد, بشرة, قشرة, قربة, قشدة, المحتال, النصاب, شخص خسيسسلخ, قشر, خدع, سلب, التحم, التأم, شفى, اندمل
Skin :
- بشرةskinfulبدون جلدجلود

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Noun(1) a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch(2) an outer surface (usually thin(3) body covering of a living animal(4) a person's skin regarded as their life(5) a member of any of several British or American groups consisting predominantly of young people who shave their heads; some engage in white supremacist and anti-immigrant activities and this leads to the perception that all skinheads are racist and violent(6) a person whose head is bald or shaved(7) the rind of a fruit or vegetable(8) a bag serving as a container for liquids; it is made from the hide of an animal
Verb(1) climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling(2) bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of(3) remove the bark of a tree(4) strip the skin off

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(1) Sarah felt the warmth in her cheeks and the soft carpet caressing the sensitive skin between her bare toes.(2) I bit into the peach and the fragile skin broke, filling my mouth with juice and peach meats.(3) skin cancer(4) It is chilly enough that where the water is calm a skin of ice has formed.(5) she has lovely skin(6) The fact I can jump into a half-pipe and never skin my knee or break a bone - the escapism is one huge appeal.(7) Another thing is when I skin my knee or fall, they make a big deal about it.(8) Simply peel away the outer skin of the kiwi and place in a hard-cooked egg slicer.(9) The fruit is shaped like but smaller than a pear, and has a shiny brown scaly skin .(10) His fair skin was burned on his cheeks because they were very rosy.(11) The fruit is eaten as a vegetable, the inner skin is ground into meal, and oil is extracted from the seeds.(12) The building skin has been constructed, conceptually, from a melding of the two.(13) They can surf the waves, skin a rabbit and dazzle a television audience.(14) Peel the skins from the sausages - this is easiest if you slit the skin with the point of a knife then pull off the skins.(15) Anneen would skin her alive if Tara did not bring something, no matter how small.(16) Air must be excluded from the can by a tight-fitting lid, or a skin can form in the can.
Related Words
(1) skin care ::
العناية بالبشرة
1. epidermis ::
2. complexion ::
3. hide ::
4. peel ::
5. film ::
6. casing ::
7. tegument ::
8. peel ::
9. graze ::
10. bark ::
لحاء الشجر
11. pare ::
12. scrape ::
13. shin ::
1. inside ::
في داخل
2. interior ::
Different Forms
skin, skinful, skinless, skins
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