English to Arabic Meaning :: providence

العناية الإلهية, تدبير, اقتصاد, حسن إدارة, حيطة, بعد النظر
Providence :
العناية الإلهية
- العناية الإلهيةتبذيرprovidences

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Noun(1) the capital and largest city of Rhode Island; located in northeastern Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay; site of Brown University(2) the guardianship and control exercised by a deity(3) a manifestation of God's foresightful care for his creatures(4) the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources

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(1) they found their trust in divine providence to be a source of comfort(2) For, while most life is fully dependent upon divine providence , we humans, because of our consciousness, have the potential to participate in the unfolding of each moment.(3) it was considered a duty to encourage providence(4) In the past, we could leave that onerous responsibility to fate or providence , and then rail against them when it went wrong.(5) Man's worship ascends upward, and the Divine providence descends thereby.(6) You are well co-ordinated just when providence favours your chances of progressing in your chosen endeavour.(7) What roles does affliction, the suffering constrained by the sense of God's palpable absence, play in divine providence , according to Herbert's poetry?(8) Perhaps this is because he believes so much in divine providence and God's redemption in Christ, and he refuses to believe that God is capricious.(9) The hunter with the fewest marks on their card (and there is sometimes more than one, which is where providence and chance play their hand) also comes up, whereupon I shoot them.(10) The government of the fastest growing city in Asia believes providence , not planning will help it manage growth.(11) Though he recognized the importance of luck, or providence as he usually called it, and opportunity, he saw his own political success as a product of his iron determination and fanatical belief in his mission.(12) They thanked God for their preservation during their first year in Plymouth, where, as in Leiden's siege, half the community had died, leaving the survivors to hope for and depend on divine protection and providence .(13) His Ascended Glory is the comfort of wise Providence in every moment and time and dispenses trial.(14) In vain do we look for Providence in the workings of nature.(15) Nothing but the superintending care of Providence could have saved him.(16) We as Muslims have no reason to believe that Allah's Plan and Providence are subjected to the humanly designed calendar.
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التدخل الإلهي
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قضاء وقدر
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تحديد مسبق
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واحد جزء
Different Forms
improvidence, providence, providences
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