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كثيرعدد كثير, السواد الأعظم
Many :
- كثير

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Adjective(1) a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as' or `too' or `so' or `that'; amounting to a large but indefinite number

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(1) Many errors do not cause harm, but in many ways these are as important as those that do.(2) Over the past few weeks he has appeared in many of the smaller venues where he started out.(3) as many as 20 came to the meeting(4) It was a time when many of his old so-called friends had dropped him like a hot potato.(5) Troy depicts a war fought for the gain of the few and paid for in the blood and tears of the many .(6) At least two of them tend to accompany me on many of my journeys beyond these walls.(7) Cycling can and should be used when possible but for many it is simply not a viable option.(8) the dangers are many(9) I can't believe you'd eat so many biscuits(10) He is also an expert in solar technology and many of the bus stops will run on solar and wind power.(11) Over the years, many of those who used to be members have died or live in care homes.(12) I can warn you now that many of you are not going to like what I'm going to do with the place.(13) how many teachers are there?(14) Worst of all, these were the very questions on the minds of many of the public back home.(15) many of them died(16) The hunt ride was a fixture of the event many years ago, but was reinstated this year.
Related Words
(1) how many ::
كم العدد
1. numerous ::
3. a lot of ::
الكثير من
4. plenty of ::
الكثير من
5. countless ::
لا يحصى
6. innumerable ::
لا يعد ولا يحصى
7. scores of ::
8. crowds of ::
9. droves of ::
بأعداد كبيرة من
10. an army of ::
جيش من
11. a horde of ::
حشد من
12. a multitude of ::
العديد من
13. a multiplicity of ::
14. multitudinous ::
15. multiple ::
16. untold ::
لا يعد ولا يحصى
17. several ::
العديد من
18. various ::
19. sundry ::
مقالات متنوعة
20. diverse ::
21. assorted ::
22. multifarious ::
24. abundant ::
25. profuse ::
26. an abundance of ::
وفرة من
27. a profusion of ::
وفرة من
28. lots of ::
الكثير من
29. umpteen ::
جمهور غفير
30. loads of ::
الكثير من
31. masses of ::
32. stacks of ::
أكوام من
33. scads of ::
scads من
34. heaps of ::
أكوام من
35. piles of ::
أكوام من
36. bags of ::
37. tons of ::
اطنان من
38. oodles of ::
حشد من
39. dozens of ::
حزم من
40. hundreds of ::
المئات من
41. thousands of ::
آلاف من
42. millions of ::
مليون من
43. billions of ::
44. zillions of ::
zillions من
45. gazillions of ::
gazillions من
46. bajillions of ::
bajillions من
47. a slew of ::
بطيئ من
48. a boatload of ::
حمولة السفينة من
50. myriad ::
51. divers ::
52. people ::
53. common people ::
عامة الشعب
55. multitude ::
56. populace ::
57. public ::
59. proletariat ::
60. mob ::
61. hoi polloi ::
الجماهير العامة
63. riffraff ::
64. rabble ::
65. great unwashed ::
غير مغسولة العظيم
67. plebs ::
عاد العوام
1. few ::
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