English to Arabic Meaning :: genteel

أنيق, متميز
Genteel :
- أنيقgenteellyالرقة

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Adjective(1) marked by refinement in taste and manners

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(1) By day, as a student living with his genteel hosts, he cultivates the persona of a bookish young man given to headaches and dizzy spells.(2) I have this image of a kind of old boys' club, of a rather genteel kind of place.(3) In contrast Harriet's family represents the fading genteel elegance of the old South.(4) There is a genteel air of comfort and prosperity here and a crisp and clean environment only adds to it.(5) Such was the genteel corporate culture of the time that employees were encouraged to take a rest after lunch.(6) Compared to mediums like oil or acrylic, watercolor has a vaguely genteel air.(7) Chang does speak with absolute conviction, but also with measured, genteel grace.(8) The estate, once genteel but now a sprawling mass of dilapidated bedsits and flats, had a bad drug problem.(9) After that it looks like something from a more refined and genteel and luxurious and over-the-top era.(10) She is, of course, far too graceful, genteel to be so vulgar as to do so.(11) JosÔö£┬«phine's upper lip wrinkles with almost genteel scorn when asked about her circumstances.(12) She looks down her dainty nose, her delicately featured face wrinkling in genteel distaste.(13) There will be sports as genteel as lawn bowling and as rugged as Rugby Union.(14) Let us not mince words, culling is a genteel word for killing, in fact for sheer bloody carnage, such as you propose.(15) It was a genteel game then for gentlemen, nurtured in a corner of the globe on the village greens of Henley and Marlow.(16) He was then free to practise as a gynaecologist, settling in the genteel spa town of Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt.
1. refined ::
2. respectable ::
3. decorous ::
4. mannerly ::
5. well-mannered ::
ذو اخلاق حميدة
6. courteous ::
7. polite ::
8. proper ::
9. correct ::
10. seemly ::
11. well-bred ::
12. cultured ::
13. sophisticated ::
14. ladylike ::
15. gentlemanly ::
16. dignified ::
17. gracious ::
18. affected ::
1. improper ::
غير مناسب
2. inappropriate ::
غير مناسب
3. incorrect ::
غير صحيح
4. indecent ::
غير لائق
5. indecorous ::
غير محتشم
6. indelicate ::
غير محتشم
7. unbecoming ::
غير لائق
8. unseemly ::
غير لائق
Different Forms
genteel, genteelly, genteelness
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