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خريف, انهيار, خفق, ذبول, قطع الأشجار, نعاس, إنخفاض في السعر, حجاب إمرأة, إفلاس, حبل, عدد الأشجار المقطوعةسقط, وقع, تساقط, هبط, انهار, خر, تلاشى, سكن, سلسلة, تدلى, أخمد, ضم, ولد, انهزم, شرع بهمة و نشاط, تقع عليك المسئولية, أصبح, تدنى
Fall :
- خريفهبوطالسقوط

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Noun(1) the season when the leaves fall from the trees(2) a sudden drop from an upright position(3) the lapse of mankind into sinfulness because of the sin of Adam and Eve(4) a downward slope or bend(5) a lapse into sin; a loss of innocence or of chastity(6) a sudden decline in strength or number or importance(7) a movement downward(8) the act of surrendering (usually under agreed conditions(9) the time of day immediately following sunset(10) when a wrestler's shoulders are forced to the mat(11) a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity(12) a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity
Verb(1) descend in free fall under the influence of gravity(2) move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way(3) pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind(4) come under, be classified or included(5) fall from clouds(6) suffer defeat, failure, or ruin(7) die, as in battle or in a hunt(8) touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly(9) be captured(10) occur at a specified time or place(11) decrease in size, extent, or range(12) yield to temptation or sin(13) lose office or power(14) to be given by assignment or distribution(15) move in a specified direction(16) be due

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(1) After the decline and fall of the Roman Empire it fell to the monasteries of Europe to preserve and pass on learning.(2) the fall of a dictator(3) she had a fall(4) The decline and fall of a mere meritocrat in a world of privilege is the theme of this novel.(5) at the corner of the massif this fall is interrupted by other heights of considerable stature(6) the house looked as if it were going to fall down at any moment(7) in October came the first thin fall of snow(8) It was the beginning of a string of battles that would culminate in the fall of Berlin nearly 3 years later.(9) you must not fall into this common error(10) However, when water level is high, the falls combine to form one gigantic fall .(11) She took her hand and with no support, purposely fell into him, causing him to fall backwards.(12) there's a sharp fall to the west here(13) Summer is the season when the promises of fall , winter and spring come due.(14) After the fall of the city, the fate of Namangani and his men is unknown.(15) a big fall in unemployment(16) the fall of communism
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الاستسلام ل
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Different Forms
fall, falling, falls
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