English to Arabic Meaning :: depress

خفض, ضغط, وقع كآبة, نزل, نقص, حزن, أضعف
Depress :
- خفضاكتئابمكتئبيخفضمحزن

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Verb(1) lower someone's spirits; make downhearted(2) lower (prices or markets(3) cause to drop or sink(4) press down(5) lessen the activity or force of

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(1) To fold simply push the sight down, depress the button, and lock the sight into place.(2) Income taxes lead to economic costs because they tend to depress the overall level of employment in the economy.(3) High or rising rates of interest will have a negative influence on effective demand and depress the economy.(4) depress the lever(5) Chemotherapy will only depress her immune system further.(6) To use the extinguisher, you pull out the safety pin and depress the operating lever.(7) In fact, an excess of these helpful minerals may even depress your immune system and exacerbate the infection process.(8) Overall, the effect was to depress global economic activity, but we're getting over it.(9) Treatments that depress the immune system leave the body unguarded against illness and even common infections can be extremely dangerous.(10) Your thumb will depress the magazine release lever as you grasp the magazine.(11) As the slide is pulled to the rear, depress the ejector at the right rear of the frame.(12) Inflationary policies conducted for long periods of time not only foster the growth of government but also depress economic activity.(13) Studies show sedative herbs gently depress the central nervous system, thus calming you and inducing sleep.(14) Thinking these dark thoughts doesn't depress me; in fact, I'm a happy person.(15) Falling stocks may further depress the world's economies(16) But they also are aware that large tax increases at this time of economic stagnation and rising unemployment would depress economic activity even further.
Related Words
1. sadden ::
3. reduce ::
4. press ::
5. lower ::
6. demoralize ::
7. press down ::
اضغط لأسفل
1. buoy ::
2. lighten ::
3. rejoice ::
Different Forms
depress, depressant, depressants, depressed, depresses, depressing, depressor, depressors
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