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ساحل, شاطئ, تلة, هبوط تلةساحل, هبط بفعل الجاذبية
Coast :
- ساحلساحليcoastedالسفينةالساحلية

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Noun(1) the shore of a sea or ocean(2) a slope down which sleds may coast(3) the area within view(4) the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it
Verb(1) move effortlessly; by force of gravity

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(1) the west coast of Africa(2) As we drew closer to the system I cut the engines and let the Moonshadow coast the rest of the way in.(3) A friend of mine once made the pointed observation that many of these students simply coast along doing only a part or none of the readings.(4) the coast road(5) At one time we were fishing off the Labrador coast .(6) Apparently it is expected to pick up speed as it approaches the coast .(7) Port Moresby on the island's southern coast was only 340 sea miles from Australia.(8) Some algae have been observed in large numbers off the South East coast .(9) Slavic peoples migrated into the Balkans and along the Dalmatian coast in the sixth century.(10) Even if I ran out of gas, I'd simply coast back down to Harbourville, where I know I'd be well taken care of.(11) Trade was extremely limited, and ships only rarely sailed to the country's coast .(12) The coast road is virtually closed with two or three sets of traffic lights.(13) They had turned to the right and were now following the coast road west.(14) Irrigated rice agriculture is also practiced in numerous smaller river deltas and plains along the country's coast .(15) He labors diligently and earnestly at his craft at a stage in his career when he could coast instead.(16) There's been a big buildup in military capability, in missiles deployed along the mainland coast .
Related Words
(1) off the coast ::
قبالة الساحل
1. seaboard ::
ساحل البحر
2. coastal region ::
المنطقة الساحلية
3. coastline ::
4. seashore ::
شاطئ البحر
5. shore ::
6. foreshore ::
صدر الشاطئ
7. shoreline ::
8. seaside ::
شاطئ البحر
9. waterfront ::
الواجهة البحرية
10. littoral ::
11. strand ::
12. freewheel ::
حرة الحركة
13. cruise ::
رحلة بحرية
14. taxi ::
سيارة اجره
15. drift ::
16. glide ::
17. sail ::
Different Forms
coast, coastal, coasted, coaster, coasters, coasting, coasts
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