English to Arabic Meaning :: chide

قرع, وبخ, عنف
Chide :
- قرعوبخيوبختأنيب

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Verb(1) censure severely or angrily

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(1) His vigorously unconventional storytelling has earned him as many critics, who chide him for being overly clever and self-referential, as devotees.(2) They may chide occasionally but this is done from the perspective of the chidee rather than the chider .(3) The plump cook chided me, slapping my small hand away when it reached for one more chocolate chip cookie.(4) ÔÇÿNo, he didn't do that,ÔÇÖ Ryder's voice said chidingly , cutting into my thoughts.(5) ÔÇÿKate,ÔÇÖ she would say chidingly , ÔÇÿYou're so serious, so solemn for your age.ÔÇÖ(6) There used to be times when mothers chided children about bad handwriting.(7) She chides him for talking so philosophically.(8) The High Bailiff shall make a stool and mend the pillory to punish chiders and scolders by Christmas.(9) ÔÇÿYou're hurting me, you're hurting me,ÔÇÖ her daughter chides her.(10) The mayor also promises less services, and chides everyone for all our profligate ways in the past ten years.(11) He gently chided the organizers of another event, where he gave his talk in front of an empty wall.(12) The flock of chiders , complainers, carpers, cavilers, and castigators makes it harder and harder to get an optimistic note in edgewise.(13) The chiders labor under the misconception that ÔÇÿelectricityÔÇÖ is invariably made of negatively-charged particles called electrons.(14) ÔÇÿThat's not what I mean,ÔÇÖ I bite my nails nervously until Michael slaps my hand down, chidingly .(15) The judge chided the girls for rapping on the door at such a late hour.(16) Overwhelmed by this observation, I chided myself for never having noticed it before.
1. scold ::
2. chastise ::
3. upbraid ::
4. berate ::
5. reprimand ::
6. reprove ::
7. rebuke ::
8. admonish ::
9. censure ::
10. lambaste ::
ضرب بعنف
11. lecture ::
13. take to task ::
15. tell off ::
16. dress down ::
اخلع ملابسك
17. bawl out ::
نادى على
18. blow up at ::
تفجير في
19. give someone an earful ::
إعطاء شخص توبيخ قاس
20. give someone a roasting ::
إعطاء شخص تحميص
23. slap someone's wrist ::
صفعة المعصم شخص ما
24. rap over the knuckles ::
الراب على المفاصل
25. give someone hell ::
إعطاء شخص الجحيم
26. take to the woodshed ::
النزول الى مخزن الحطب
27. have a go at ::
إختبر قوته
28. give someone what for ::
إعطاء شخص ما ل
29. chew out ::
مضغ خارج
30. ream out ::
احفر خارج
31. castigate ::
32. chasten ::
33. reprehend ::
Different Forms
chide, chided, chides, chiding
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