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الناقل, الموجة الحاملة, شركة النقل, حاملة الطائرات, الحمال, التيار الحامل, ساعي البريد, حامل المرضى, عتال, ملتزم النقل, ناقل الجراثيم, الناقلة مادة حفازة
Carrier :
- الناقلناقلات

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Noun(1) someone whose employment involves carrying something(2) a self-propelled wheeled vehicle designed specifically to carry something(3) a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings(4) an inactive substance that is a vehicle for a radioactive tracer of the same substance and that assists in its recovery after some chemical reaction(5) a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages(6) a radio wave that can be modulated in order to transmit a signal(7) a man who delivers the mail(8) a boy who delivers newspapers(9) (medicine, or animal(10) a rack attached to a vehicle; for carrying luggage or skis or the like(11) (genetics

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(1) Like insulin, glucagon lacks a plasma carrier protein, and like insulin its circulating half life is also about 5 minutes.(2) Herbicides can be applied in combination, using either water or liquid fertilizer as a carrier , to decrease trips over the field.(3) And there is a 25% chance that the baby will be completely free of the gene - not a carrier and not have the disease.(4) There is a two-in-four chance that the child will inherit one of each kind of gene and be a carrier like the parents and free of disease.(5) He opened a channel with the USS Carl Vinson, the command carrier of the naval force.(6) This protein, a carrier of small hydrophobic molecules including retinoic acid, has the potential to modulate lymphatic responses.(7) An unaffected carrier male will pass on the pre-mutation to all of his daughters but to none of his sons.(8) Then I carried him to the entry way and as we rounded the corner (where the pet carrier awaited) I pulled the towel over his head.(9) As most cat owners know, the most difficult part about this task is getting the cat into the pet carrier .(10) the black rat, best known as carrier of bubonic plague(11) Pirin Tourist has become the most profitable group in the tourism industry, with an air carrier , a tour operator, and a chain of hotels.(12) This radioactive source constantly gives off high-energy electrons, which collide with the sample molecules and the carrier gas to form ions.(13) Argon is also an ideal carrier gas, a propellant with no propensity to react.(14) Use caution when using a nitrogen fertilizer as the carrier in mixtures.(15) Pan Am was the third US carrier to cease operations in 1991(16) Castor oil is also a source of glycerine, and the combination of glycerine and hydroxy fatty acids makes it an excellent emollient and pigment carrier .
Related Words
(1) mail carrier ::
ساعى البريد
1. bearer ::
3. newsboy ::
موزع الصحف
4. common carrier ::
الحامل المشترك
5. postman ::
ساعي البريد
6. aircraft carrier ::
حاملة طائرات
7. carrier wave ::
موجه ناقله
Different Forms
carrier, carriers
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