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Antimatter :
المادة المضادة
- المادة المضادة

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(1) This brief survey of recent Lorentz tests only lists those experiments involving light, ordinary matter, and antimatter .(2) What is CP violation and how does it explain the fact that matter outnumbers antimatter in the universe?(3) Why is the universe made of matter and not equal parts of matter and antimatter ?(4) The answer to your question is, thus, clearly yes: matter would be created when antimatter particles collide at high energy.(5) Much like matter and antimatter the two objects would be almost instantly converted to pure energy, generating a massive explosion.(6) Various propulsion schemes have been proposed, from nuclear fusion to antimatter to laser sails.(7) Paul Dirac predicted the existence of antimatter with his relativistic wave equation in 1928.(8) In the enormous densities of the early moments of the Big Bang the result would have been a catastrophic annihilation of matter and antimatter into radiation.(9) Those equations and present particle physics say that matter and antimatter are equivalent.(10) Theory suggests that, at the moment the universe was created, equal amounts of matter and antimatter were formed.(11) He saw how magnetic traps could make antimatter useful in medicine, principally in tumor treatment.(12) He also predicted the existence of antimatter (specifically the antiparticle of the electron) that was later discovered in nature.(13) When particles of matter and particles of antimatter collide, large amounts of energy are produced as a by-product.(14) What everyone actually needs here is a more efficient mobile power source, whether it be cold fusion, lithium air or a matter / antimatter reactor.(15) There is both matter (such as electrons) and oppositely charged antimatter (such as positrons).(16) Mirror matter is not antimatter , it is altogether weirder.
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(1) antimatter ::
المادة المضادة
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